Why the World Needs Artists Now More Than Ever

Why must you write, when there are millions of other writers already doing it?
Why must you sing, when there are so many others you think are better than you? 
Why must you act, when there are so few opportunities for your type anyways?
Why must you paint, when it seems like everything has already been painted by someone else?
Why must you speak when thousands are already talking about the subjects you care about?
Why must you take such an enormous risk, when everyone else is younger, better looking, wealthier, more supported, and has more freedom?

Why? Because they are not YOU.

If you are a creative Artist in any way, you are desperately needed in today’s world. What lies inside of you will define this era, you have the most powerful voice, and some people only have your songs, words, movies, books, paintings, pictures, designs or clothing to tell their story. There are 7 billion people on this planet to serve, who are in need of healing and inspiration to hold on one more day.

The problem isn’t a lack of room or opportunity for you, it’s that today’s world requires MORE of you, than you think you have to give.

Courage isn’t necessarily about overcoming fear, it’s about allowing yourself to be as powerful as you are, a vessel for something greater than you alone could ever be. Every bit of struggle in your past was only to prepare you for what’s needed from you now. Your life is a powerful message to the world. One of survival, hopelessness, enduring, overcoming, wholeness, and the transformation that is possible when you’re simply willing to see life differently.

Begin now. Be Brave. Love harder. Share more. You are needed.