Why We’re Afraid to Move Forward Into the Unknown

“Would you rather step into an unknown life of Truth, or stay in the life based on shameful lies you’ve always known.”

I do deeper healing sessions with people, at the end, there seems to often be one last thing we have to ‘unhook’ before someone is completely free of the trauma, pain, or the burden of old beliefs they’ve been carrying around inside of them. And that is, the fear of who they will be without it.

When we’ve lived in a certain pattern or coping behavior for so long, it’s not uncommon to find comfort in the discomfort. We learn how to survive, and that becomes our standard for life. The only thing is, surviving life, is not what we’ve been purposed for, and so the discomfort never truly goes away. The other thing about living in survival mode is it has a plateau in how much we can accomplish. We get to live another day, and that’s pretty much it. We get to pay the bill that’s been looming over our heads, we at least have someone to be with, or a job that pays barely enough. The body has to come out of the survival state to experience True connection, success, whole potential, abundance and certainly True Love and intimacy.

Our ability to move forward is often so tangled up in a web of guilt, anger, fear or shame, we can’t lead or even see ourselves out of it. But once we are willing to acknowledge, accept and heal the lies that we’ve told ourself, based on our history, the web turns into water where you can simply float, as the waves carry you to shore. It may be a foreign land to you, but it will feel like home, a feeling you’ve been searching for all your life.

So the question for all of us today is, 
“Do you want to choose to continue living a life of lies you already know so well, or do you want to choose an unknown life of Truth?”

Your personal Power is the free will of choice you’ve been given to bring your truest desires into reality. So, open your heart, and choose wisely.