5 Key Tips to get featured on Design Blogs

There are thousands of creative projects uploaded online every day. It has become quite a challenge to standing out from the crowd; to make sure your work is noticed and appreciated by your peers and potential clients.

This article aims to help you gain some insight into how creative work is chosen and curated by a leading design blog. As the founder of Mindsparkle Mag I collected the 5 key elements of what makes a project stand out and how does my team select the best work to feature:

„With experience, selecting which projects to feature is a quick and intuitive process. It is certainly not a detailed, time-consuming analysis initially. What counts at first glance is the ‘wow effect’ which can be many different things. Due to the volume of work we need to assess; our attention lasts for seconds. If a project doesn’t immediately catch our interest, we move to the next one. This sounds harsh, but we have a trained eye and gut reaction for projects worth sharing.”

When looking at new content to add to Mindsparkle Mag daily; these are the most important things that count:

1. Beautiful presentation

Make sure you present your project in the best possible way. Use real shots over obvious photoshop mockups, use unusual arrangements and compositions, spend time to make sure your images are eye-catching and stand out.

See Example

Delve Visual Identity System by Moniker

2. The element of surprise

Don’t just follow trends, instead, try to think differently. Don’t be afraid of being bold, but steer clear of being coarse or garish. Use attractive color schemes and well-considered combinations of effects and techniques.

See Example

Atypical typography by Pawel Nolbert

3. An incredible idea or story

If you have an amazing idea or story, show it at it’s best. Remember that it immediately has to be understood as well as being visually appealing. It is not enough to be a genius if you are not a good visual storyteller. Selling your idea or story to us and your audience is key.

See Example

Atmospheric clouds by Richard Clarkson Studio & Crealev’s Making

4. Keep it simple

We adore simplicity and beautiful design. Pay attention to fine details. Capture our attention through the elegant use of typography, or a consistent visual language, pattern or style. It certainly helps to observe and learn from other great designers, analyzing their work and the way they present.

See Example

2017 Calendar by Kristina Krogh

5. Fresh is best

We are always searching for new exciting projects browsing the web and social media beside work submissions that we receive daily. So make sure your website and portfolio are up-to-date, and your content is as fresh as possible. Try to publish regularly and consistently. Make sure to share it as much as you can via your networks. The first few days online usually determine whether it’s going to be a success. Remember that design blogs love to find new stuff first!

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Hopefully, these tips will help you understand what Mindsparkle Mag and other design-led blogs are looking for. Creating outstanding well-presented work greatly enhances your chance of standing out from the crowd. Successfully being featured across multiple design blogs will drive you hundreds or thousands of visitors in the long-term. Raising your reputation will ultimately get you your next job or exciting new client.

Founder & CEO of Mindsparkle Mag / Art Director at Digital Music Amazon DE

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