Darkness become light

Darkness is cold despite knowing that the light is close by. The light might be inches away but the shadow freezes every cell of the body. What does it take to get back out in the light? Is it a choice — or just a state of mind? Feelings can seem like a prison with irrational thoughts trapped in the body.

The powerful delusions keep the ego alive and sprinkle doubts and fear all over the place. Not knowing what is true and not true we fumble for direction back into the light. We’re chained and bound by these unreasonable thoughts that keep alive uncomfortable and sometimes unbearable feelings.

Come closer…even closer…let me give you a hug. Let me rock you in my lap and let you know how special and lovable you are. Your light shines so brightly that it sometimes overwhelms me with joy. Your presence is so powerful and amazing and the world is inspired by your work.

Please don’t hide in the darkness as the world can’t get a good look at your beauty. The fear is gone and the darkness has dissipated. Tread gently as you may not have stable ground. Your feet are strong but you don’t quite believe it yet. Convincing you how wonderful you are is a waste of time. Look yourself in the mirror and see it for yourself. Can you live with this person?