It has been quite the journey. It’s changed me and how. For the people I met along the way, the memories made, the laughs, the hugs, the cries, the battles, the insecurities, the pressure, the fear, the judgement, the pangs of wishing for an end and the fear of what’s ahead. I see it now and it feels like all along there was the future me waiting at the end of the tunnel, holding out a lamp for me to see. To just see, and nothing else, that there is something out there, waiting for me. Just waiting to fall into the palm of my hands just so I can feel it and believe that there’s nothing like Impossible. That there’s nothing you can’t achieve. That there’s nothing you don’t deserve. But to see that everything works out the way it’s intended to and all you needed to do was to strive and do your best regardless of the outcome. The inevitable cannot be stopped or prevented but it’s there. Waiting for you. Waiting for the right moment to come to you everything has to be perfect before you get to where you want to.
Four Years is Quite the journey.
Natasha Kurien

You’ve got me a ear to ear grin! A song I listen to when I get boggled in the day to day fog. Mumford & sons — the cave

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