If you are stucking on life, just go do something that you really enjoy !

I believe that everybody somehow sometimes had been stucking in a problem, regarding of find the job we love, finding the true partner…and etc.. And it is even worse when we have no idea about good solutions. As I have experienced this, I have applied a solution that I think it can be a good one for somebody else that haven’t tried.

I was stucking in finding a job that I really love doing, but can’t for a long time. In those times, I do not know what to do but just really do anything that I like and enjoy it. I read books, I write and listen to podcasts.. And I realized that I have huge passion with learning new things, especially a new language (in this situation I am learning English). And you know, I have an idea of being a teacher teaching English for other peoples. And it is such a greatest idea ever for me !

With this idea, I am going to prepare a lot for myself, from learning a little to improve my vocabularies everyday to blogging along the way with whatever I have learned making me feel way more confident on the way that I am intending to become. And now, I can see more clearly about what I am going to do with all my heart.

Through this small story, I want to transfer a great message for you guys is : “If sometimes we do not know what to do or do not really have clear idea about what we are going to do for a long-term with our love, just go and do something that we really enjoy, the fact we loving what we do can help we keep doing for long period of time and then we can have some great ideas about what we are going to do without we even realizing it”.

Life is really tough, and the best thing we should me with me is never stop discovering ourselves, just a very small thing that we can see that has been hidden in ourselves can be the only thing that help we get out of being trapped. And of course, like anything else, exploring ourselves takes time to do and repetition of many days in our life. But it is worth it, so come and explore it !

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