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Thank you for this insightful article. As a foreigner looking in, I confess we are truly baffled by what is going on in America in 2016.

DT is the worst political candidate I have ever seen, in any country. Even in (most) third world countries the political candidates are usually well educated intellectuals or seasoned politicians. Occasionally you get a candidate going in on pure popularity. But here’s the difference between that and DT…they are usually surrounded by seasoned, smart, strategic players of the game, guiding them through the minefield that is a life in politics.

So on top of DT himself being a horrible candidate (what with his obvious narcissism, 5 kids by 3 women, over 3,500 court action lawsuits, history of racism and sticking it to small businesses) you then have possibly the worst campaign run in history. Worst advisors, worst planners, worst surrogates, worst strategy, worst worst worst!

How in the how did it ever get this far?lol

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