to the boy,who nearly destroyed me,

first and foremost id like to thank you for breaking my heart, because of that i am now stronger and wiser than i ever could imagine but, that isnt an excuse for the way you mentally abused me. ill admit i was so niave to who you really were and all this time ive spent trying to change you into the man i knew you could be i never once realized that i was the one who needed to change.

ive spent three years of my life trying to make you realize youre capable of doing so many great things but, you never believed me. you never believed you deserved to be loved but i saw your heart and i touched your soul and that was the most beautiful thing. your heart is so damaged but your soul is immaculate. you have a horrible outlook on life because so many heart wrenching things have happened to you.

i loved you so much, i adored you. i wanted so badly to be able to save you from yourself but, i suppose,the only person you can save is yourself. you,werent just my boyfriend you were my best friend and losing two people at once is utterly heart breaking. all i ever wanted was for you to be happy and i probably shouldnt say this but im sorry i couldnt fill the void in your heart like you,filled mine. you needed me in a different way than i needed you. all i need from you was to love me the way i loved you. i needed you to keep your promises. i need to to build a good fulfilling life. i needed you to stay even when things got hard. i needed you to be my backbone. to protect me and listen to me. i needed you and you were never there. you always left when things got difficult. you were always good at running away when you got close someone.

you arent what i need anymore. i dont need you because all you ever did was leave when i needed you most. i had to learn to fight for myself. i had to learn how to put my self first.

  • youre with a new girl now and i really hope she can spark your soul like i never could. i hope she wants to build with you. i hope she sees the world when she looks into those beautiful brown eyes like i did. i hope her heart skips a beat whenever you walk into her room unannounced like mine did. i hope she holds you whenever you wake up,from those awful nightmares like i did. i hope she changes your outlook on life that i never could.

im not saying i wasnt enough for you because ive always been enough, you just were blind to the fact that we couldve been something great.

you broke my heart and you made me not trust anyone because you were the one person i trusted most in this world and you still stabbed me in the back. ill always love you. even when i think that i hate you. i just hope youre happy and one day maybe youll become a distant memory. maybe one day you wont be the first thing i think about whenever i open my eyes in the early morning when the sun is just awaking from last nights slumber, one day ill forget about you and youll wish you never left the way you did. by then itll be to late.