Adventure Activities in Himachal Pradesh for Thrill Seekers

The magnificent terrain of Himachal Pradesh, snow clad mountains, lush greenery and gorgeous features of the landscape curate a heavenly place to spend one’s time. In these lands, one can find a full-on dose for their adrenaline rush, the thrilling attractions of Himachal Pradesh would fill you with too much excitement and leave behind cherishing memories for its tourists.

Himachal Pradesh A Perfect Spot for Thrill Seekers

There are numerous Himachal Pradesh tour packages for the adventure junkies willing to give a shot to these activities. Here are a few must try sports for adventure lovers.

Water sports are fun

Himachal Pradesh glaciers serve as a source of many Himalayan Rivers, and so there are too many options for water sports in these lovely rivers. Starting from river rafting and canoeing to rowing; there are numerous options and destinations for adventure lovers to test themselves against the Rapids and flow of these magnificent rivers. If you have the courage, go ahead, the experience is difficult to be described in words.

Go on a Jeep Safari

Travelling through the mountains and valleys, curving through the turns and witnessing the greatness of these sky high beasts can only be experienced while driving through the mountain roads. What else can be better than a Jeep safari? It is one of the best ways to run through the rough terrain of these mountains, crossing bridges and reaching out to the farfetched lands.

Nothing get better than paragliding

The amazing feeling one gets while flying through the landscape of the Himalayas. It is the closest you can get to feel like a bird. With some paragliding stations available to your service, you could hop on and soar high in the sky, feel the cool breeze flowing and a view that’s undeniably gorgeous.

How about you try some fishing

The fresh water of the Himalayan rivers is found here in abundance and so is their collection of freshwater fishes. There are certain areas in Himachal Pradesh where fishing is permitted and fishing farms have been constructed in these areas to let the tourists fulfil their desire. It is something you would get to do otherwise, so grab the chance and let’s go fishing.

The best mountain climbing is here

The hilly terrain of Himachal Pradesh offers numerous sites that are suitable for mountaineering. The feeling an adventurer gets while climbing these majestic mountains cannot be expressed. In Himachal Pradesh, you can find some training centres to help you through the sport and conduct many climbing expeditions to various thrilling locations. So, if you are ready for some action, to register and start climbing.

Ice Skating like nowhere else

Many of the people living on the plains might have tried ice skating at artificial skating rinks or just have seen other perform, but here in Himachal Pradesh, you would find skating rinks made of natural snow. If you like to skate or are willing to try your skills, there are some recommended skating areas in Himachal Pradesh. It is so popular, that an annual winter sports festival is organised in Shimla. What else can a skating enthusiast ask for?

Mountain biking

Heading out on the rough terrain, jumping and riding your cycles through the mountain tracks is a feeling one would cherish lifelong. Cycling through the mountain trails laying your eyes on the mesmerizing beauty of the place is paradise for nature lovers.

The topography of Himachal Pradesh is apt for a thrilling vacation. So, if you are adventure seeker looking for some excitement, this Himalayan state must be on your bucket list.

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