The finished game :)

So you have a lot of interest in game development but you have no team. Also where will you get an idea to build a game about? Game Jams!

What is a Game Jam?

It is a contest where you get a theme in start and a deadline before which you need to finish and submit the game. It is like a hackathon but for game developers.

There are always 10+ game jams running simultaneously on So you can easily find one that fits your schedule. If you are very busy you can pick a weekend one like I did.

Recently, I got greeted by an unusual message while searching on Google. It was Google’s secret hiring challenge!

I first heard about the existence of the Google foobar challenge since a friend of mine, Vampiire, got it last year. Because of the referral system inside foobar, a lot of members of Chingu team got to enter this challenge. One of them even got an on-site interview at Google!

I tried to forcibly make it trigger but it didn’t work like that. I forgot about it, just continued with life and coding. Then one day, it suddenly appeared on my screen!

This winter was quite busy and filled with projects! I will go through most of the new things that I explored.

Sublime -> Visual Studio Code

I switched my laptop from a 5 year old Dell Inspiron to Mac Air and now have 16GB RAM, enough to get a heavier text editor. VS Code, although heavy, is an amazing text editor. In-built git support, wonderful plugins that are easy to install and great debugging support made me smile several times. …

Recently I decided to get more serious about my data science skills. So I decided to practice my skills, which led me to Kaggle.

The experience has been very positive.

When I arrived at Kaggle, I was confused about what to do and how everything works. This article will help you to overcome the confusion that I experienced.

I joined the Redefining Cancer Treatment contest because it was for a noble cause. As well, the data was more manageable because it was text based.

Where to code

What makes Kaggle great is that you don’t need a cloud server that creates results for…

A glimpse into what I did this summer! March-July 2017

It has been quite long since I posted an update on my coding journey on medium, well these months were awesome and I got a lot done from chat-bots to creating a sentiment analysis tool for Chingu Cohorts. Meanwhile I found some amazing resources and would like to share them too.

  1. Completed 2nd year of college! It was cool semester, learned Computer networks, got some speaking training and programmed microprocessors!
  2. Courses: I had vacations after exams so that was the chance to build awesomeness! but also learn awesomeness!
    Some courses I…

Today we are evolving some agents!

Sometimes simple ideas give great results!

Recently OpenAI a non-profit led by Elon Musk demonstrated that Evolution Strategy that was earlier used just as an optimisation technique can be used for making Agents that learn to interact with an environment based on Reinforcement Learning. It learned the environments much faster than the state-of-art A3C by Deepmind and is much more scalable because very less communication is needed between the threads.

I loved the idea and thought about implementing same as I had a plan to build an RL agent for a long time but all other algorithms are very performance…

Chingu cohorts have been a major success but with more power comes greater responsibility

One day I started discussing with Chance Taken about fading of cohort conversations as people get familiar to each other. Idea of refreshing and automation came up. New members were increasing with every survey and Chance was obviously going to have trouble afterwards sorting them and placing them in cohorts that match their skill.

I had recently learned Machine Learning so it was time to finally apply it!

  1. Formatting Data
  2. Filtering / Cleaning Data
  3. Examining the Final Data
  4. Selecting a Machine Learning Approach
  5. Applying Machine Learning…

This article might make them easier to understand for you

Neural networks are solely based on ‘Transformations’. It means that given a data you can convert it into any other datatype, popular method is by multiplying it with a weight and adding a bias.

Y = ( X * W ) + B

E.g. If you are given 2 as input and you want to get 5 as output, you can multiply 2 with 2 to get close to the expected output. This number 2 can be called the weight that gives the correct answer. But it isn’t correct answer…

Complexity of machines looks beautiful!

I was always interested in Machine Learning but I skipped/procrastinated studying it because of either lack of time or because I was scared of the Maths that this journey might contain. I do like Maths but sometimes if a topic comes up that I haven’t learned yet, I have a difficult time understanding it on my own. But it all changed when I stumbled upon this YouTube channel: Sirajology. His videos were very fast paced and I had hard time understanding the code. …

I had been using Windows since I started using computers but as I kept getting involved in coding, Windows kept becoming a roadblock with its weird inconvenient behaviours. I kept staying away from the thought of installing a Linux distro because of the problems it could cause like reinstalling the whole environment that I had set up on Windows.

But last week I got fed up with going in settings to change PATH variable, having to download and install applications in 2 procedures and much more…
And here starts the journey into the Linux world!

1. Choosing the Distro

The power and problem with…

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