The finished game :)

What is a Game Jam?

It is a contest where you get a theme in start and a deadline before which you need to finish and…

Foobar message

Sublime -> Visual Studio Code

I switched my laptop from a 5 year old Dell Inspiron to Mac Air and now have 16GB RAM, enough to get a heavier text editor. VS Code, although…

Today we are evolving some agents!

Sometimes simple ideas give great results!

Recently OpenAI a non-profit led by Elon Musk demonstrated that Evolution Strategy that was earlier used just as an optimisation technique can be used for making Agents that learn to interact with an environment based on Reinforcement Learning. …

Chingu cohorts have been a major success but with more power comes greater responsibility

One day I started discussing with Chance Taken about fading of cohort conversations as people get familiar to each other. Idea of refreshing and automation came up. …

This article might make them easier to understand for you

Neural networks are solely based on ‘Transformations’. It means that given a data you can convert it into any other datatype, popular method is by multiplying it with a weight and adding a bias.

The equation would look like:

Y = ( X * W…

Complexity of machines looks beautiful!

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