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The finished game :)

So you have a lot of interest in game development but you have no team. Also where will you get an idea to build a game about? Game Jams!

What is a Game Jam?

It is a contest where you get a theme in start and a deadline before which you need to finish and submit the game. It is like a hackathon but for game developers.

Where to find one?

There are always 10+ game jams running simultaneously on So you can easily find one that fits your schedule. If you are very busy you can pick a weekend one like I did.

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The UI is so friendly too :)

How to get a team?

One amazing thing about these game jams is that there are always Discord channels or Forums associated with each. Here you can post the type of work you want to do and you can team up with others that are finding you. …

Recently, I got greeted by an unusual message while searching on Google. It was Google’s secret hiring challenge!

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I first heard about the existence of the Google foobar challenge since a friend of mine, Vampiire, got it last year. Because of the referral system inside foobar, a lot of members of Chingu team got to enter this challenge. One of them even got an on-site interview at Google!

I tried to forcibly make it trigger but it didn’t work like that. I forgot about it, just continued with life and coding. Then one day, it suddenly appeared on my screen!

Wait, what is the Google foobar challenge?!

It is a secret hiring challenge from Google which you get when you match some search behaviour on Google search or their documentations. …

This winter was quite busy and filled with projects! I will go through most of the new things that I explored.

Sublime -> Visual Studio Code

I switched my laptop from a 5 year old Dell Inspiron to Mac Air and now have 16GB RAM, enough to get a heavier text editor. …


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