I just want to say all this MVP hype is overrated.
Radu Savutiu

Some developers value writing testable code, and some do not. Clearly from the article I wrote, you get the idea that I do value it. In fact, I’ve given talks on it and how it can improve your overall codebase.

MVP helps writing testable code. It also helps separate the concerns from what is business logic from what is presentation logic. Again, you may not value that separation, but others do.

There is a reason why Android developers are trending towards adopting MVP/MVVM; it is likely because they have worked on code bases where nearly all of the logic ended up in an Activity which was so bloated it was near impossible to test.

The adoption of such an architecture comes with an upfront cost and learning curve, but reduces the overall cost of long-term maintenance of the code base. In other words, it is an investment. Invest time upfront to save time later.

If you are genuinely looking to discuss this, I’ll happily engage with you. But if you are just looking for a place to rant your grievances, I have other things I’ll invest my time in.

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