I asked too early to make a promise
to be together.
We were incapable and not ready.

So we took off to our own spaces
accepting our lives
your of loneliness
mine of rhythm 

Off we went desireless, free
and confused in matters of heart and its wants.

I have lost hope.
But I will keep calling you all the same.
If you return, I will know there was a promise to be kept.
I must keep it on my side first.

Your promises are wordless, I see. 
I am glad I asked for one.

You are unaware of the promise
so I ask again, holding my side
and keep calling.
I build my side thus
hence ask again.

If I knew you’d return, all the fun would be gone.
It is better this way.

#learnings in this poem are inspired from playfulness of Anupam Khattri, silent voice of OrkoHunter in my head, and of course, Her.
thank you :)