10 Clever Ways to Use Your Mobile Phone While Traveling

When it comes to advancement in technology, the first thing that comes to our mind is Mobile Phones. Cell Phones have become incredibly advanced in a short span of time. It has not only made our lives easy but has also changed the way we look at the world. It is one of the most essential gadgets we carry with us everyday. With new features and innovations, we can use mobile phones for various other purposes. Mobile phone camera is one of the best features that help us capture each and every moment of our lives instantly. This great invention has also made the lives of travelers easy. Now you don’t have to carry a big DSLR cameras with you, if you have a limited space in your luggage or if suddenly you see some eye-catchy view and want to capture it, but you forget to bring your DSLR. Don’t worry, Mobile phone camera will do it all. In the Era of gadgets, you will find high quality cell phone camera and it will deliver the same image quality as you would have received from any DSLR. It also have a lot to offer, like GPRS , music; when getting bored while traveling, flash light, weather forecast and so on.

So, lets discuss some major advantages of Mobile phones while traveling and make your traveling easy and interesting. We are sharing few advantages but you can explore more by your self and install relevant social travel apps that will benefit you during traveling and the other best thing is you can also book your flight tickets right through your smartphone. Best way to know more about mobile applications is by playing with your phone and browsing more on internet regarding best applications that you must use while traveling. This will give you many options and you can choose the relevant one for your traveling.

  1. Travel Guide: Gone are those days when travelers used to hire a personal travel guide to show them around and unveil unexplored places, different cuisines and popular attractions. Now you just have to download an application on your phone and you will get to know everything you require for traveling. Mobile Phones can help you look out for best free travel apps and you can also book your holiday with your favorite airlines. By installing travel related mobile apps and visiting to numerous travel website on your phone, you can easily turn your phone into your personal travel agent. In recent Era every travel website has it’s mobile application to give you easy access on booking your trip without any hassle. So, just install your favorite travel website mobile app and book your trip now.

2. Memory Preserver: Mobile phones are digital diaries. Free yourself from carrying a notebook or a paper for jotting down important information that you may need during your expedition. We can use them to remember every date and also make note of all the important things that may be needed all the time during your quest. It is common for new bees to wander off alone exploring the near by areas and when light dawns on them, its too late and they have forgotten the name of their hotel! To rule out the possibility of getting lost in an alien town, the mobile comes handy for noting such crucial information.

3. Maps: It is an event of the past, when people used to carry physical maps with them to locate their destinations. These days, our mobile phones also has Map apps like Google Maps, Apple Maps etc. Which help you to detect the location accurately and can also help you to find out nearest gas stations, eateries, ATM, hostels and many more. It has become so easy to track all these important locations by just carrying a portable map in your pocket. Mobile phone is coming with more advanced features approximately in every 6 months. So start browsing best apps online and install some of these great inventions which can help you a lot in your traveling.

4. Translator: New to the Place? Do not know how to communicate? It’s time to upgrade your mobile phone with some awesome translator apps. There are tons of applications and websites that will help you translate any foreign language into your native language. And you can easily understand and communicate with local people to know more about the place. For instance, you want to know about the street food and unexplored places of a particular city but because of language barrier you are unable to enjoy the best things of the city, in this case the translator will help you a lot.

5. Converter: Best way to compare the currency rate of your destination country is by installing a converter app in your smart phone. For instance, If you are visiting Vegas and wander off to a shopping spree, this app is a must to calculate the price in your native currency. This will protect you from falling a prey to overpriced commodities and will keep a check on your expenses. You can check the conversion with the help of converters available on various websites by just using the internet browser available on your phone.

Mobile phones are not just for calling, it plays the role of a guide or an entertainer for you while traveling. For instance, you can listen to great music when you are getting bored en-route or can play games, you can even find out the best places to dine and far more. It is smart because it will help you, guide you and entertain you. So, plan a trip now and explore the advantages of smart phone. You will be amazed to see what all your smart phone can do. It is a best friend for solo travelers, as it a silent companion while you are traveling alone. So, don’t wait longer and book your flight tickets to India from Canada, USA or any other major countries by taking help from the travel apps that you have installed on your smart phone.