7 Amazingly Unique And Unusual Hotels In USA

It’s that time of the year again when the irresistible travel bug has struck again and you just want to spark the temptation of wanderlust. So whether you are away from your home for a business trip or just for leisure purposes, why not transform it into a delightful and an offbeat experience? What better way to bring a pinch of a twist by staying in America’s few of the most unusual and unique hotels? Hotels, no doubt make for the first aspect of planning a holiday, therefore, you certainly want to stay in hotels which would offer an exquisite staying experience. Book your business class tickets to USA from India and stay in the listed unique hotels in the USA for a stay like never before!

The Liberty Hotel, Boston

No water and bread here, but this Liberty Hotel in its previous life was a granite walled jail. Eighteen rooms of this Liberty Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts are the actual long-ago jail cells, but is suffused with luxury amenities, no convict would be able to recognize. This hotel has successfully retained it’s historic and old-world charm, this former prison transformed into a hotel makes for an awesome concept.

The Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho

Shaped like a beagle, we bet you would have never seen a livable-in beagle as giant as this one. If you are fond of animals, then this is the just right place for you to be in. The Dog Bark Park Inn in Idaho is a hotel in the shape of a giant beagle and is frequented by visitors to relish its wooden cravings of distinctive poses and breeds of dogs. This hotel is the perfect place to relish a truly offbeat experience of sleeping inside a huge dog.

The Library Hotel, New York

Decorated in the theme of a traditional-like American Library, The Library Hotel in New York makes for the best lodging spot for the avid book lovers. All the room in this hotel is in a library format. It is home to over a collection of 6000 books and adding to its charm there is also a poetry garden, writer’s den and a reading room here. This hotel strives hard the book lovers to provide timeless beauty and an amazing travel experience.

El Cosmico, Texas

Want to experience what it is like to live a nomadic life? Book your stay in the El Cosmico, Texas! Situated in the high altitude deserts, this place has safari tents, tent campsites, Mongolian yurts and a totally vintage setup. There is the provision of the dining area, outdoor kitchen, a reading room, hammock grove and a community lounge. It offers vagabonds with a liberating experience from the chaos of the buzz of city life.

Winvian, Connecticut

This upscale property is a unique cottage located in Connecticut and bordered with lakes and dense woods. This cottage design ranges from neo-classical ‘secret society’ to the offbeat helicopter style. This lodge fascinates vagabonds from all across the globe.

Amangiri, Utah

Located deep within dazzling canyons of Utah, this amazing hotel has to be one of the most visually-shining vacation getaway areas of United States! Situated within the secured valley, the rooms in Amangiri offer an amazing vista of its vicinity of plateaus, mountain ridges, and dunes. Do go for its signature wellness spa which boasts harmony and health of the guests.

McMenamins Kennedy School, Oregon

Relive the nostalgic journey of school days in this amazing property. Situated nearby Portland International Airport, it will take you back to the amazing old school days. This scholastic hotel has rooms designed like original classrooms with edifying ambiance and original chalkboards.

After booking your affordable corporate travel packages, you know where to stay while in USA to elevate your trip! Experience the delight of staying in these unusual hotels and collect stories to exchange with your loved ones.