Hotel Hacks To Make Your Trip Better Part 2

Photo by Alexander Kaunas on Unsplash

Happy new year and welcome back to the second part of our hotel hacks series to make your experience just that little bit better! In the last part released last year, we’ve covered some of the more unorthodox hacks. In this part, let’s cover a few more of the classic hotel hacks that most hotel regulars use frequently! First, before you even make your booking official, you can always try to

Negotiate A Better Rate

Staying in a hotel for an extended duration for whatever reason? Or maybe you’re a loyal guest who regularly returns to that one hotel whenever you visit that destination, especially if it’s quite frequently? Call up the hotels directly, and try to negotiate a better booking rate! Hotels usually offer slightly discounted per-night prices for extended stays(usually a week or longer), but only if you ask. The reason they’re so accommodating is because you’re saving them the trouble of finding guests to fill those rooms for seven or more consecutive nights.
Likewise, since the details of every booking is logged, a hotel definitely knows if you’re a regular that stays with them every so often. Hotels value your loyalty, and so will likely try everything within their power to keep you as a loyal guest who only ever thinks of them when visiting. If this hotel is in a tourist hotspot, this tip will work to your advantage as they know there are many alternatives for you to choose from!

Use Hot Steam From The Shower To Iron Your Clothes

We all have those days when you just return from an overrun evening meeting that forced you to have a quick and light dinner, and you enter your room grumpy, frustrated, and just wanting to lie down and sleep, something as menial as ironing your clothes can be a huge hurdle to overcome. Or maybe, your hotel just doesn’t provide you with an iron for that fancy dinner in that Michelin Starred restaurant that you had planned for your vacation.

Well, ditch the ironing board(if your room has one) that you were probably using as a table, as recommended in the previous part, and just hang up the garment that needs ironing in the shower. Afterwards, take a hot steamy bath to clear your mind off of any stresses or unhappiness that you may have encountered through the day. When you’re done, you’ll find out that the clothes you hung up to iron have miraculously lost their wrinkles. Of course, it won’t be as crease-free and straight as if you used an actual iron, but this does work as a quick fix if you don’t have an iron in your room, or if you just don’t feel like doing chores that day. But you should definitely note that this hack only works if you’re having a hot shower, and cold showers can’t produce the steam needed to iron your clothes!

Photo by Ryan Kwok on Unsplash

Pack In A Power Splitter

Think back to that annoying experience of when you booked a hotel that had the perfect view, delightful room layouts, a sparkling clean toilet and even a bathtub, only for you to check in and realize that your entire family had to share two power outlets. Save yourself from that annoyance in the future, and pack a multiplug or power splitter, and you’ll never have to take turns charging your devices anymore! Before you do that, however, you should check for restrictions, especially if you’re taking a flight, and doubly so if it’s an international flight.

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