How you save >40% on one way flights

Knowing how to hack one way flights can be super helpful for people that do not want to commit to a return flight. This can be especially helpful for multistop trips that require multiple one way flights.

So how can you save best on one way flights?

1. Connect unconnected flights from rival airlines

2. Get a cool/ free stopover and save a lot of money

On a flight from London to Chicago the directly requested routes (“Original Search”) returns a price of 728€. Link here.

Original Route London -Chicago for 728€

The alternative is to include a stopover in New York and land in Milwaukee. This type of routing can generate savings of up to 90%.

Hacked Route London — Chicago for 441€

Now while there is no interlinking between the two airlines Norwegian and Delta, there is sufficient time in between these flights. Even better, savvy travelers gain a whole night to spend in New York. The price difference of almost 300€ between the “hacked” route and the original route more than suffices to pay for accommodation.

Passionate travelers are grateful for every extra stop along the way, especially if it comes at a huge discount to their actual destination. And if one night at a stopover is not enough, just add a few more to the same route. Might be worth it.

Great one ways can be found here.