We built a flight hacking tool for everyone

Yet another flight search??? Really???

You really built the 500th flight search out there???

This pretty much summarizes what we heard over the last months. Basically, everyone asked us why we put so much energy and effort into this flight search.

For exactly the same reason that I will now write this article.

We are travel addicts

My co-founders and I are real travel maniacs ourselves. In total, we’ve been to over 100 countries, each of us to more than 70.

On one hand, traveling means so much joy and fun, however on the other hand it is simply annoying to plan a trip and to find suitable flights. One starts to play around with departures and destinations and is most likely left with the underlying feeling to not have booked the very best option. That is a huge waste of time.

I am pretty sure most of everyone is familiar with that. It’s frustrating, right?!

It takes on average 40 flight search requests before going through with a booking. While we were searching for our trips, we discovered methods and tricks to find cheaper flights. In fact, there is a hidden savings potential on every second flight by simply altering the routing.

Thus, we analyzed a dataset of 1,500,000,000 flight prices and combined that with the insights from our own travel experience, to build an algorithm that finds all the best flight options in one search by creating entirely new flight routes.

We started disassembling existing routes and then reassembled them where it made sense. We also split return flights into multistops, when it appears to be a better option. In addition, we connect unconnected flights from rival airlines such as Lufthansa and Easyjet.

That’s not all. Mostly travelers check nearby airports to make sure to find the very best option. Hence, we not only change your routing, but apply a smart area search by checking all your viable options from the surroundings and combining them into a clever itinerary. For instance, on a flight from Cologne to Bangkok, the best option might not be to land in Cologne, but rather arrive in Dusseldorf.

This area search can particularly useful for travellers in unknwon territories, where you discover airports you were previously unaware of.

The technology behind tripdelta is a machine learning algorithm. It automatically detects hidden route patterns and is responsible for the creation of our special flight routes that the average consumer would not be able to find otherwise. If I tell you now that we frequently see savings of 40% — 60% over the standard results and sometimes even 90%, you would probably suggest counsel to me.

Here you see just some random examples. First some savings on oneway flights:

And some return flight savings.

There is even more good news: With every new flight request our algorithm improves itself and we will be able to find better and better options and that way getting you cheaper to your desired destination. Isn’t that just awesome…

So don’t hesitate and check us out…. Last but not least some of our best travel fotos.

Ciudad Perdida, Colombia

Torres del Paine, Argentina


South Africa

Galapagos, Ecuador

Originally published at blog.tripdelta.com.

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