How to significantly increase your odds of winning travel sweepstakes

Each year millions of dollars of free travel is given away, we provide you access to these by aggregating all travel sweepstakes. In the latest of travel hacking, why not tap into these free giveaways just by subscribing.

Here are a few things you can do to help you increase your odds of winning a travel sweepstake:

1. Read the rules — i.e. if you can only enter once per household and two of your enter you’ve just eliminated both of you from the sweepstake (in most cases).

2. Share the sweepstake after you have enter and get an extra entry.

4. If there are no restrictions around entries per household enter your partner and anyone else (as long as they meet the legal age requirement which is usually 18 or 21).

5. If there is a daily entry set your self a calendar reminder to do it or use a service like this:

6. The more sweepstakes you enter the higher a chance you’ll win something so keep those entries up.

7. If your signing up to a newsletter to win something don’t go and unsubscribe before the sweepstake ends because they are more likely to give it to a new subscriber that has stuck with them than one that signed up and then unsubscribed. It might even disqualify you to unsubscribe depending on the rules.

8. If its a group sweepstake get your friends involved where they vote to include you and vice versa.

9. If it say one email address per person don’t try and trick the system by using a different email address — no need to risk it.

10. Make sure that you are from the required/applicable state/country to enter the sweepstake no point in wasting your time filling out a form if you aren’t eligible.

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