“Girls have to be strong to protect the men they love.” 
Naoko Takeuchi

Why Sailor Moon is a central part of my life

More often than not, people take me less serious when I talk about Sailor Moon and magical girls. I can’t really blame them because the topic itself already sounds ridiculous, on top of mostly being aesthetically appealing overall. But, I do like to leave in it high regards because of the things it made me think about, and the things it made me not think about.


Most of what anyone would see in Sailor Moon is a bunch of teenage girls dressed up as glorified high school students that are way prettier than the average person. However, that is not the part of Sailor Moon I associate with.

Anyone remember Tenou Haruka — better known as Sailor Uranus? She is a very masculine, reoccurring female in the series. Dare I say she falls under the bishōnen category? From the way she dresses to the way she holds herself, she is overall a very masculine character among the sea of very feminine characters.

I always found myself sitting under the same categories growing up:

  • dressing androgynously
  • waving closer towards masculine tendencies (the way I present myself)
  • doing things that fall under the male dominant category

She was a character I could closely associate to, whether it be how she presented herself or how she acted in situations. The fact that she was leaning out of the feminine spectrum really appealed to me. It was also the fact that many accepted her as she was and didn’t bother to question her way of living. It’s a way of living I hope to achieve one day.


I ended up kind of ignoring relationship labels due to, wait for it, Haruka. Not only her, though. There were many other characters, but to save time from reading, I will bring up her prominent relationship with Sailor Neptune, or Kaiou Michiru.

Those two had a very intimate relationship, even at the expense of Haruka consistently flirting with Usagi throughout the series. It went as far as the two moving in together to, spoiler, parent a reborn Tomoe Hotaru. It was a sort of intimate relationship that you knew they were together, but nobody ever questioned the fact two women were together. Sure, many saw Haruka was Michiru’s boyfriend, but their friends saw them as two females in a romantic relationship.

Seeing this reoccur just made me a little desensitized to all the labels like lesbians or gays or queers. Not to delve too far into that topic, but I think that kind of stuff opened up my mind earlier on and made me not think about it so much like other people do. I, myself, classify myself as pan-romantic, but I’m always open to dating someone that identifies as male or female, or doesn’t quite identify with either.


Beauty is such an objective topic. It can be seen in so many ways in the modern day, and can be classified in any way or form. But, I took the beauty of Sailor Moon and projected it onto myself because it’s probably one of the most appealing things I have ever looked at and appreciated in my entire life.

This series had so many pastels and enough flowers to make me get a sparkle in my eye that I never had. From the aesthetic of the magical girl itself, to the essence of love and beauty that was portrayed throughout the entire series, I can definitely say it made an impact on the way I chose to project myself from a certain point in my life.

It’s less the aesthetics (mostly because I would never even bother to wear a sailor outfit), and more the appeal of the entire series itself. Sailor Moon has a beauty that can only be seen when read, at least in my opinion. Something about the concepts of friendship and family overrides all clicked in my head somewhere along the line.

Objectively, Sailor Moon is just a popular Japanese series by Naoko Takeuchi, but in a personal opinion, I find it to be much more. It is a very central part of my life — always has been, always will. I barely hit the tip of the iceberg trying to keep this short and explain how much this shoujou series meant to me, but hopefully I got my point across. Enough to get that I love Sailor Moon more than the average person.

I’m still young, and still thinking, but I can definitely say that I will never forget about this series for as long as I live.

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