WebExpo 2019


Oct 3, 2019 · 3 min read

Job Type: Creative concept and visual identity
Idea: Connecting the world of web and graphic design with pop culture.
Execution: Playing with names of famous pop songs and merging them with professional terms and icons.

Radek was working for WebExpo a long time before our agency was born. But he never had time to do more than the website.
That’s why the client was really happy that form now on we can take care of much more.

We couldn’t imagine a better and more global job to begin with. It all began with t-shirts and other merchandising and finished with the decoration of the stage. We worked on nicknacks, badges, stickers or even a competition for attendees called “Total Eclipse Of The Dart”.

What the *BANG* is the weird code?

Having this playful concept connecting the professional and the pop world we wanted to go further. We wanted to hear more of the story.

You can scan the Spotify code in the Spotify app on your phone and it will play the exact song.

Thanks to that we created not only the visual identity for the WebExpo 2019 but even the soundtrack of the conference.

As The Cherry On Top

We got the opportunity to step on the stage of the WebExpo. And the second talk was on board of special tram. An unforgettable moment for us!

We hope you like the case study and we are starting the works on the next year — the magical 2020.

And if you want some more, here is the talk about Apple ads.

Want a similar identity or campaign for your brand?
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