The illusion of the “Egyptian Startups Ecosystem”
Mostafa Nageeb

I agree with you on most of what you mentioned. Well said. I’m very skeptical myself about the so-called entrepreneurship ecosystem in Egypt or Cairo, but the fact that you’re blaming the for your failure doesn’t seem right. You are a self claimed entrepreneur part of your job is to do your home work on the the market where you chose to operate in. I don’t think it’s fair to blame the surroundings for your mistakes.

I personally believe that a true entrepreneur should have a driving force to continue no matter what, survival instinct. If you couldn’t find it look for alternatives, pivot or go find it else where where the ecosystem can provide the right support.

You can leverage your connections, your education and knowledge, anything that can make you survive these tough times. And as tempting as it sounds, moving to a well established startup hubs might be even tougher, take Ahmed Essam as example, he is one of the cleverest people in tech yet he failed to prove himself in Cairo and abroad and his not blaming anyone for his choices — I know it took him quite some time to realize that but at least he came to that conclusion and face up his responsibilities.

I know it gets frustrating sometime as I have been involved in it this for along time. It’s coming slowly but surely.

Sheer up :)

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