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Nico is a tattooed gunsmith who is a masterful addition to both Devil May Cry 5 itself and the broader series

Constructing a companion character in a video game is a tedious, delicate task. Creating a new character in a series that fans already know and love is even more tricky. A good companion must deliver information to the player where necessary, without making it seem like they are a blatant…

This hack n’ slash has more holiday and heart than any movie you’ll watch this December

The Sound of Music. Die Hard. Iron Man 3. These are just some examples of movies that can be cherished during the holidays, despite their minimal connection to the festive season. While film nuts get into debates about what old holiday movie they should rewatch, gamers have only come to…

Video games — in this case, the Persona series — have arguably re-popularized classical music

Video game soundtracks are quite a blessing. The best game soundtracks are able to contribute to world-building in ways that a film score could never dream of. Though there are exceptions, a movie’s soundtrack typically serves the purpose of capturing moments, whereas the music found in games often corresponds to…

Even the wildest speculation about new fighters is now valid

“We made including every single fighter ever our #1 goal, so I’m kind of hoping you aren’t expecting too many new challengers.”

That is what Masahiro Sakurai said over two years ago, during the 2018 E3 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate announcement. Since its release, 18 new fighters (including Echo Fighters)…

Aaron Moy

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