Travel more in 2016

Paris Bar

Why travel matters: Because it makes me a richer man, a better person.

Yes, many people joke with me that I’m always traveling or planning a trip. Most of the times truly joking, and some other times, I do get some judgement about it, like making me feel bad about it but that shouldn’t be the case.

Tulum’s Ana y Jose

Travel opens up my mind. Seeing new sceneries, new places, meeting new people, experiencing other cultures, feeling different weather, living a different life. But more importantly, it makes me learn about our incredible world and about me in different places.

Every time I come back from a trip, I’m a new person, learn a lot about myself in different scenarios that normally wouldn’t experience at home. And at the same time, I come back home so happy, loving where I live and adding that new trip to my persona, reinventing myself every time I come back home.

Coba Ruins in Riviera Maya

I don’t understand how people can carry-over vacation time from work to the next year. Every year, I use all my vacation time and more, sometimes even unpaid, to go out and see the world. And the trend these days is that people at work praise you for never leaving, like you’re doing something heroic and great for humanity by staying at work, without vacation for a year or longer. Seriously?

Don’t take me wrong, I love my job and enjoy what I do. And it’s because of that that I travel, because I bring with me more energy, more excitement and more passion after visiting a new place. Hence, my work quality is much better and appreciated by the ones working with me.

Essex Christmas Barn

That’s why this year I plan to travel even more, I learn so much from it, mostly about me and my relationships with others.

The best places that I visited in 2015 include: Paris, because I learned how resilient Parisians are. Tulum, love to disconnect from technology and connect with myself. Essex, Connecticut and learning history from one of the first English settlements in the U.S. New York City, on how to live there for over a week, work there and be a local. Waikiki, because of connecting with friends and spending a wonderful Christmas the Hawaiian style. As I finish this blog post I’m looking online for the next destination trip! So make sure you add more travel to your amazing 2016.

“They should tell you when you’re born: have a suitcase heart, be ready to travel” — Gabrielle Zevin

Keep traveling. Trip On Me.

Turks and Caicos Grace Bay
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