Rethinking This Blog

What is the OliverClarity blog? OliverClarity is an online business management platform for entrepreneurs designed to help them get and keep their businesses “investor-ready”. This blog was supposed to be one weapon in an arsenal of marketing tools to promote it, along with countless social media posts, a barrage of emails to anyone who has ever made the mistake of sharing his contact information with me, and a relatively shameless amount of smiling. I’ve never been a smiler and now the muscles in my cheeks may need to be replaced (no, not those cheeks, the ones in my face , and grow up!)

The first few posts were on point . . . kind of. I wrote about how the American Arbitration Association runs an overpriced scam that uses the courts’ strict construction of mandatory arbitration legislation to line its pockets while making dispute resolution more expensive. I followed that with a pointed rebuke of a publication for entrepreneurs that suggested cutting costs by using canned documents from the internet for contracts instead of having them drafted by attorneys, which is exceedingly stupid advice. For those of you that read them — and you count almost in the dozens — thank you. You too, Mom!

After that . . . well, I seem to have been swept up in the morass of political commentary that has consumed the nation. Most people bitch on Twitter and Facebook. I wrote long blog posts, and three things happened. First, I garnered several thousand readers, which is very nice and most appreciated. Second, I spent a lot of time and energy not promoting my business; writing these posts is fun, but it hasn’t exactly been productive in terms of meeting my goals. Third, I added, albeit only infinitesimally in the grand scheme of things, to the massive amount of noise swirling around everything Trump. You know . . . just what we needed.

So I have a few New Year’s resolutions about this blog going forward. First, I am going to write primarily about my (and others’) entrepreneurial experiences. Not some didactic, here’s-what-you-should-do-as-a-business-owner trope. There’s almost as much of that out there as political commentary. Instead, this blog is going to focus on what it’s like, day-to-day, to run your own business. There will be some good advice — like how the American Arbitration Association is a money-sucking fleece machine— but the bigger goal is to give entrepreneurs, particularly those new to the fold, a sense that the struggles they are facing are widely-shared and that it’s O.K. to laugh about it. You’ll be miserable if you don’t find the humor in the experience. Or, more to the point, you should just go ahead and laugh at yourself because everyone else is already laughing at you. Feel better yet?

Second, and apropos of nothing, I am lifting my self-imposed ban on writing in the first person for the purposes of this blog. In journalistic circles that’s sometimes considered bad form. I’m no journalist, so why should I care?

Third, based on advice I’ve gotten from a lot of other entrepreneurs, I am going to stay focused. The ultimate purpose of this blog is to promote OliverClarity. So I will not be distracted by what a classless moron and criminal the president is, the idiot sycophants with whom he surrounds himself, his gutless enablers in Congress who refuse to rein him in because Mitch McConnell would stab his mother in the back if it gave him just an iota of additional power, climate-change deniers, religious zealots, tariffs, that FOX News is televised Pravda in English, whatever vapid garbage Donald Trump Jr. is tweeting today, and the NHL Commissioner.

Well . . . starting now.

So with that, I wish all of you the very happiest of holidays, and will return in January, focused and ready to go.

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