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Oct 15, 2015 · 2 min read

It feels like every corner of the internet is stuffed full of reminders, lists, and notes-to-self. Your inbox is probably the worst offender: how many receipts do you “mark as unread”? How many times have you–full of starry eyed, fiscally-responsible resolve–started a folder, put one receipt in there, and then forgotten it forever?

Stop this madness. Trippeo is here to help.

With the addition of ReceiptKeep for web, Trippeo is ready to sort your online receipts with the click of a single button. Here’s how it works:

Ping! Your monthly bill for your company phone/dog-walker/email automation service has arrived in your email. With ReceiptKeep for web, all you have to do is forward this offending invoice to Boom! Your receipt has now been uploaded into ReceiptKeep, the section of Trippeo that stores all of your online receipts.

That’s it.

Okay, fine: we’ll get technical in 5 handy bullets:

  • When you send your receipts to, our servers scrape each of these incoming emails and match the “From” address to the address on your Trippeo account. Make sure your addresses match!
  • Once there’s a confirmed email-match, we either send the PDF attachment, or make a PDF attachment of the email-body, and send it to your personal ReceiptKeep.
  • If you want to file your lunch costs, simply snap a photo of your receipt and email it to The same process will take place to file your receipt.
  • Bam! Your business receipts: together forever. It may take up to 1-minute for your receipts to appear. Fear not: they are just travelling through the internet tubes and will arrive shortly.
  • Fun bonus! Looking for a long ago chit in ReceiptKeep? When your receipts are stored, we associate keywords based on date, brand-name, category, and others. You can search for a specific expense right inside ReceiptKeep itself.

From your ReceiptKeep for web, it’s easy to create expenses, add them to reports, and send them out for triumphant approvals. We know there’s a faster way to do this — we’re working on it right now ;) . Stay tuned! And stay paid.

This story originally appeared on our official blog.


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