Signs you might actually be a Christian
Trevor Bechtel

8–14 of Signs you might actually be a Christian

Tripp Hudgins, potentially a Christian

With Trevor’s caveat: This is a list for the internet. That means both that it’s not comprehensive and that it contains too much information. Read accordingly.

8. You spend more time thinking about this world and how to make life a better experience for all involved than you think about What’s Next in the great cosmic chain of being.

9. You aim not to build fences, walls, or moats as they tend to make bad neighbors. Neighborliness is important to you.

10. When you encounter someone else’s cruelty, you attempt to respond to that cruelty with kindness even if it hurts. Similarly, you interfere with the cruelty you see people inflict upon others with the same kindness. Your kindness interrupts cruelty.

11. Sometimes you do things just for the sheer unabashed joy in the beauty of the doing.

12. You like to share meals with friends and strangers. Eating is sacred activity.

13. You respond to doubt or a person’s lack of hope with tenderness and offer to hold their doubt and despair as your own because, at least today, you have hope and faith to spare. You also hope someone will return the favor for you some day.

14. You listen. A lot.

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