Catching Up & Sounding Off

by Tripp Hudgins

It’s rather indescribable. I’m standing on another so-called precipice knowing that when I leap, I’ll discover it was only a little gully down a hillside and not some vast rushing river far beneath in the canyon. I’ll be astonished to discover that I’ll be asked to leap again and again in short order.

It happens every time.

But here I stand, essentially unemployed but not unoccupied. I’ll be busy working on my dissertation (No, not on sonic theology, but I’m looking for a post-doc. If you know of one…) and helping out at Church Divinity School of the Pacific. I’m the Bogard Teaching Fellow. It’s a cool gig that will help keep me focused and occupied with just enough scaffolding to get some serious work done on my dissertation.

Five years ago we arrived here from Chicago. Lots of great things have happened since then. It looks like some great things will happen in the coming year. I’m still learning how to think. I’m still learning how to write. I’m still learning how to read.

It’s astonishing just how long Kindergarten lasts, you know?

Today we’ll attend an open house meet-and-greet for the pre-school in which we hope to enroll EP. Then there will be other things to do, like get a birthday cake for a friend. What cake goes best with sloppy joes? I don’t know, but I’m looking forward to finding out.

Trump is trumping in Mexico and on the campaign trail. He’s terrifying the center and the left now. He’s bringing the alt-right into his orbit and they are forming a formidable unified front. Some imagine only a landslide for Clinton (partnered with a contentious single term as President). I am not so convinced. But, win or lose, Trump has organized the extreme right in this country. We live in interesting times and they are likely to become more interesting.

And I still have a dissertation to write.

Is it just me or does everyone want to laugh when they read “make a contribution to the field”? What does that even mean any more?

I’m going to go feed the dog. Y’all have a good day.

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