Lost on Purpose
Brandon Evans

Slackers Have Your Back

By Tripp Hudgins, Gen-X Slacker

Brandon, my fellow sojourner, welcome.

Yes, Yuppies happen. Yes, there is a Massive Service Sector to provide all they need. And, indeed, Everything Digital and All The Marketing in The World is a bright light of money-making opportunity. Gratefully, wisdom comes no less frequently or gracefully, and we find ourselves blissfully Lost.

We need more such wayfinding, not less.

Thank you for your missive and the spirit in which it was offered.

As a member of Gen-X, I relate more to the latch key stereotypes than what you describe here. I have never trusted those normative pathways. My Boomer companions are still waiting for me to grow up and move to the suburbs. The falsehood of such a correlation is maddening. “Growing up” takes a variety of forms. Maturity expresses itself in as many ways as there are people doing that work.

Sometimes being lost is the most mature and grown-up path there is.

You know this, of course.

I’m retooling at the age of 47. I’m taking on academic debt. Foolish? Maybe. Or perhaps being a fool is the most grown-up move I can make.

With floundering social institutions come the decline of the related paths to adulthood and maturity. Thank you for carving out another path for people to follow. We need more such wayfinding, not less.

I got your back.

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