What is it that’s so powerful that it leads to contravening the primitive instinct of survival? This question has had a special place in my mind, perhaps because the phenomenon of suicide has been linked to my personal history. In fact, I’m writing this, in the middle of the night, while my sister lies in a hospital bed trying to wake up from her last suicidal attempt.

My first contact with suicide was when I was 14 years old. My friend Christian, a young man of my own age, a member of a dysfunctional family with serious substance abuse problems…

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Perhaps you contemplate opening the doors to develop stable romantic ties with the unicorn that occasionally shares a bed with you and your partner, or you’ve just met at a party who you think might be the second love of your life. In any case, if you want to move from mono-loving relationships to polyamory ones, it’s important that you do a pre-evaluation of several aspects of your life before you move to that farm with 7 wives.

I like love, I think I’m good at it. The way I love is easy, fast, deep, stable, and intense. This is…

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He mistreats you, lies to you, and mark your messages as“seen”, but you don’t let him, you’re still there with Big papa, your lifelong dealer, because “Big papa has always been there”. Sometimes you hate him, other days you just want to kill him. He has ruined more than one night with a substance that was not what it seemed, but many others he has been able to bring light to the afterparty when no one else showed up.
Sure you’ve had one in your life, a dealer bad enough to doubt about sticking with him, but not bad enough to…

Taking psychedelic substances in enclosed spaces has historically been the subject of criticism and debate. “I feel like I’m suffocating,” or “I can’t trip with my little brother next to me” are valid arguments when you’re considering smoking DMT in your living room. However, social distancing and isolation push us to do things differently, including getting high.

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For each thorn associated with the journey of traveling with psychedelics inside your home, there are as many antidotes that will allow you to approach the experience and make it memorable, meaningful, and beautifully satisfying.

Here are the 5 most common problems when…

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The new pandemic is dragging us into a prolonged battle where every day, our decisions shape the destiny of millions of lives. Forced or voluntary isolation?, who should wear the mask?, should the elderly remain isolated?, are practical problems that hit us daily and confront us with the odious need to respond to deeper questions that we often don’t like to face: Which jobs are essential? what is it to be free in society? and even more, who should die during a pandemic?

Unlike a hurricane or a massive fire, the COVID-19 poses a problem for which civilization is never…

So what if everything you’ve learned about love is false? So what if the very thing that has frustrated your love has to do with your unrealistic conception of romantic love?

You face the same difficulties over and over again, with expectations that don’t seem to be fulfilled, and you feel in your stomach that something is missing, that you can’t reach or sustain in time that ideal of love.

We tend to love as our families taught us to do, and the problem is that the way in which most of us have learned the definition of love, has…

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“I heard the story of the boy who has been watching a glass of orange juice during an LSD trip until he lost his mind, and he remained thinking it’s orange juice for the rest of his life”. Every day I hear a phrase like that, and although there is no scientific documentation about the mythical case of the orange juice guy, there are different studies that can illustrate what the real psychological risks are in the short, medium and long term when consuming LSD.

Perhaps my biggest problem with the question is that “getting stuck in the trip” is…

Perhaps driven by an outburst of self-pity or simply forced because your dealer is also in quarantine, you are determined to take the first steps towards a definitive break with that psychoactive substance, and you wonder where to start? What can I do to make rehab easier?

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Photo by Wei Ding on Unsplash
Photo by Wei Ding on Unsplash

Quarantine is becoming a strange phenomenon from which everyone around us seems to be getting good things; they crochet, take online sales courses and learn about mindfulness (while taking selfies on Instagram). …

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There are two ways of assuming your existence every day: you consume the ideas that are delivered to you or you produce reality. Every time you wake up, you assume a position and the result of what you get on a daily basis, and how you feel about your life, has a lot to do with it.

The clothes you wear, the music you listen to, the magazines you read, even the memes you share, are the expression of the creativity of other beings. …

“Can someone who was born as a woman really be a man at some point in his life?” It has historically been the most useless questioning to address the transgender phenomenon, in fact, it has prevented us from asking ourselves the truly important and transcendental questions for the lives of millions of people.

Asking from a biological perspective if someone can be born with one gender, but really being from another has never really been a question, but rather an affirmation adorned with question marks. …


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