Intellectual Attraction

You can learn as much from taking the time to understand a person as you can from reading a book. Intelligence has always been attractive to me but, like, who wouldn’t want a lady who is well educated? Better yet, who wouldn’t want a lady who is self-educated? In early 2016, I met a woman who turned out to be one of the most intellectual women I have ever crossed paths with. Her essence was naturally intriguing, so I intended to learn more.

We went on our first “date” in the prudential center; although, this wasn’t necessarily a date, it was more of an adventurous exploration of the city with no ideal destination. This was the first time her and I hung out without everyone who were our friends at the time. “Finally, a moment alone with her. Now I can really start to analyze her”. I said this to myself, eagerly, as we began to wander. For some people, when dating, it takes them a while to show you who they really are. Sometimes, they want to feel you out first to get comfortable with you. I wanted to know everything there was to know about her and Jah knows I didn’t care how long it would take. I was determined to study her internally and externally, from the way she dressed to the way her heart beats. Come to find out, she was an open book.

When we arrived at the prudential center, I noticed she seemed unfamiliar with the place. Something was telling me to take her to the bookstore, so I suggested we go into Barnes & Noble. At this time, I had no idea how much she loved to read. The moment we walked in, I saw that she was interested. In fact, she seemed surprised, yet radiant that we had both took a step inside this illustrious bookstore. From that moment on, I learned not only of her love to read, but of her love to learn. She once said to me, “I like reading, but only if what I read can teach me something. I can’t just read a book with some made up story, I have to learn from what I read to be interested in the book”. That day, she taught me a few things about the art of self-education. Her love for books inspires me. Her desire to gain knowledge from every book her mind can read gave me the astonishing definition of exactly who this woman was. Now, even after a year I still have the most clear perception of her. She wears her intelligence in the most graceful way. She flaunts her knowledge elegantly, though she is often skeptical about what she assimilates. I admire her drive to take the things she learns and fit them into her own philosophy, as well as creating, then using her perspective to understand the authors’. She has a way with words, too. I notice that every time she speaks on a subject she feels deeply of, her words just spill out of her mouth like intellectual vomit. Everything she says is captivating and remarkably fascinating. I fell in love with her when I looked into her eyes and saw the concept of true love, then found out that she holds it in her heart. She is one subject that I want to study for the rest of my life.

I’ve kept an open mind and I remain open to grasp new things about her as this life presses on. She’s taught me countless things about life, about love, about herself and even about me; the moment she began teaching me things about myself that I haven’t even discovered yet, I knew she was pure gold. One thing she taught me that I will never forget, is to live in my happiest moments and remember them during my darkest ones. Thank you for that. Thank you for giving my life a new meaning.

I wanted to write about the heart of intelligence and I couldn’t think of a better way to tell the story than by making you the main character.

— xo, Trippy Tomlinson.