How do you want to be remembered

A picture is worth a thousand words, so they say. But when you take thousands of pictures like me, it takes a lifetime to tell the story that nobody will remember.

When we think about how humans wanted to be remembered, before George Eastman began marketing the Kodak camera in 1888, adventures were memorialized through paintings and storytelling. Only those closest to you knew the extent of your travels. As cameras came to be adopted by travelers worldwide, adventures were celebrated with slide shows (not the PowerPoint kind), and photo albums began their global conquest of coffee tables and bookshelves.

The internet transformed adventure tributes by enabling storytelling on personal blogs and photo sharing websites. The World Wide Web was truly worldwide in aiding millions of travelers in the broadcast of their journeys. Travel blogs captured entire trips in intimate detail, often times recording less than ideal temperatures and memories of sub-par hostel breakfasts. The Facebook album which was originally capped at 60 photos currently stands at a limit of 1,000 pictures per album. A once precious medium, $25 per photo in 1888, is now used for recording memories down to the minute. Photography’s online purpose has shifted from shared experiences remembered by many to personal recordings remembered by few.

Succinct storytelling with these “no limit internet tools” not built to tell travel stories is a difficult task to be sure. With few guidelines on the limited attention span of your friends and family it is difficult to find a stopping point. How much is too much? How can you memorialize your voyage and the unique memories made without overdoing it?

With TripRiff’s simple, easy to use, interface, you can record adventures to intuitively tell the story:
• Where?
• When?
• Did you like it?
• What were some highlights?

In addition to creating a space to record your collective adventures concisely, TripRiff allows you to browse your trusted friend’s adventures for major highlights without having to read paraphrased Wikipedia history lessons. Entering your complete travel history on TripRiff allows us to make visualizations that communicate and memorialize how much of the globe you’ve seen and how your globetrotting stacks up against your friends and other TripRiff users.

TripRiff gives you the modern tools to memorialize and visualize your travel stories in the context of yourself without the other distractions that other sites present.