Pick your travels like you pick your friends

Mountain climbers, beach bums, museum hoppers, and local food lovers. Whether you like it or not, on Facebook you have become friends with all sorts of travelers. Your junior prom date, the uptight guy who lived on your floor sophomore year, and the trainer at your old gym all love to travel. Now imagine planning a trip with these people. Beach or city? Hostel or hotel? Street food or upscale dining? Strict itinerary or serendipitous wanderlust? If the thought planning a trip with people you would never travel with makes you cringe, you are not alone.

Facebook is an excellent polling tool when seeking a variety of answers from a large crowd of people, as can be seen from the above post’s massive response. But when it comes to traveling, your thirteen year old cousin’s “must do” may vary greatly from your idea of a good time. Additionally, announcing to the world the exact dates your home will be vacant is not the wisest of public proclamations. So what’s an eager traveler in search of trusted advice to do?

Certainly, the late Beatle was not referring to distant relations, but his innermost circle. The people who were intimately familiar with his likes and dislikes, favorite music, foods, television shows, and weekend haunts. Trust is a key element in offering credible recommendations for anything, but especially when you’ll be far from home unable to quickly and affordably change course. But what if your closest friends haven’t been to the places you’ve been itching to explore? Is the only other option the shouting from the digital rooftops on Facebook or TripAdvisor?

TripRiff was created with this problem in mind. We allow you to see who’s been where, letting you be the judge of who to ask for advice based both on your personal relationship with other users and the extent of their viewable travels. All of this without announcing to your world that you’re taking a vacation!