The TripRiff story

It has been an amazing journey building and launching TripRiff. Here’s a short version of why we built TripRiff with the vision of quantifying travel and the mission of broadening world views.

While on vacation in Hvar, Croatia, my friend Alex and I got into a one-upping conversation around travel. We all know how these go… bragging about things we’ve done in the places we’ve gone. At one point, he told me he had been to 60 countries and I tried to fathom what that meant. What’s left to really see after 60 countries? What percent of the world is that by number of countries in the world? Does number of countries in the world even matter or is it population and land mass?

Then, I searched for a tool that we could use to compete and show off our travel experiences. I looked for the tool for weeks and did not find it. All that I found was terribly designed maps or pins that didn’t communicate the world I was trying to visualize.

So, I created a spreadsheet that I sent to Alex and a few other friends. I kept building and building the spreadsheet functionality into a complex tool for us to track our travel on a number of dimensions. I kept iterating on the spreadsheet based on their feedback until my friends found the Excel tool exciting.

I eventually received encouragement to launch TripRiff to the public as a startup. After initially resisting, I decided to pursue my passion and launch what is now TripRiff.

Jeremy — TripRiff Founder