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Building Decentralized Finance

The beginning of each New Year serves as a reminder of our dreams and the road we must take towards achieving those goals. 2020 is no exception, and after a prolonged bear market, we at Tripterium have continued building.

This year we will complete the roll out of our 21 index funds, meaning that we will achieve a major milestone in our development.

We are working hard to continue our sustainable growth path. Last year we kept building during the bear market, and continued improving our network at major blockchain conferences and crypto meetup events.

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We have transformed a lot. Just a few years ago, all we had was a vision of the future. Today we have created the Tripterium T50 token, and are in the process of completing our roll-out of all the other Tripterium index funds. We are setting up Tripterium for a prosperous future. …



The World’s First Next Generation Crypto Index Fund, With a Venture Capital Feeder Fund. Making it Easy for Anyone to Own a Diverse Crypto Portfolio.

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