15 Best Text Comparison Tools

What is a text comparison tool? Explain.

8 min readJun 17, 2022


The text comparison tool compares the text to pdf documents. The online text comparison application helps you compare two text documents. The text or content can be in different formats. With the text comparison tool, you can now check the differences and similarities between the two text documents. A text comparison tool is an important tool as it provides a competitive analysis of the text and helps the reader to find the changes.

With the help of the text comparison tool, you can compare almost every kind of document. It’s very easy to compare and detect similarities with text comparison tools. Select the files you want to compare and the results will be shown immediately.

Simply you have to select a file, if the file is raw you can copy the text and paste it. On the other side, for online content, you can insert a URL to compare. After the text selection, select the compare icon and both the documents.

The text compare tool supports the files such as XML, PPT, TXT, HTML, ODP, DOCX, etc. You can also compare images by using JPG, BMP, GIF, etc. For file comparison, you can upload files from Google drive, dropbox, and one drive.
You can compare multiple documents by selecting any URL or text file. You can upload the file from the drop box and the Google Drive option. You can also follow the step-by-step method to avoid confusion.

• First, you have to open the text comparison tool and upload a document there. The documents will be compared for similarities.
• Select the comparison option to initiate the comparing process after the upload process.
• You will get an accurate similarity level including related and similar meanings. After all, is done, you can download the comparison report as a pdf for future reference.

After so much hard work finally, the tools are prepared that fulfill multiple purposes. The text compares comparisons everything from duplicate content to original. The Diffchecker help you to know the reasons behind the similarities and you can easily rectify the similarities as per your need. Here are some features of the text comparison tool given:-

• The tool helps compare the text with other text that contains Asian characters. This feature is added to enhance the scope and the popularity of this online tool. It helps people to compare text in other languages easily.
• The tool offers the special feature of editing. After editing the changes you can share and download the result report or document easily. You can also share the pdf file with your clients through a URL link or an email.
• The tool uses machine learning for finding the differences and similarities between the two texts. The AI technology help in finding the rephrased sentences in the texts. The tool also provides a plagiarism checker to find the copied text from any sources.

Copyleaks text comparison tool is better because it is made to provide the best possible text comparison results to the clients.

List of various text comparison tools!

The need to compare text is required as you work on your computer regularly, the more junk files will increase and you need to work upon them. Keep comparing the text on the documents regularly to avoid piling up the duplicate files. Online text comparing is easy with these tools and saves you from trouble. Here is the list of important text comparison tools.

1. Text compare by common tools.org

Text comparison is an amazing online tool for comparing texts of different documents. Text comparison is simple all you have to need is a good internet speed. First, select the text you want to compare and paste it into the app. Then, click on compare button to find the similarities and differences in the text of different documents. In this tool, your data remains private because it’s privacy-friendly. It has high theme support and formatting for programming languages.

2. Workshare Comparison Tool

  • A workshare can compare tool is a great option for a professional setting. However, the tool is not easy and fast, but it produces an immediate analysis detects changes, and, contains all the required sharing capabilities. Workshare compares also compares tables, charts, embedded images, and objects. It works on various platforms such as cloud, windows, web, mac, etc.

3. Diffchecker comparison tool

Diffchecker is another best online tool for text comparison. It’s a similar tool to textcompare. You have to copy and paste the text that you want to find the difference in and click on the find difference button to see the changed version of the text from the original one. You can save the differences and download them or you can share them elsewhere including the platforms such as Twitter or Facebook. Sometimes, the tool may take more time to upload the text files. The tool offers free text comparing as well as a paid app that can be used on Linux and windows.

4. Winmerge text comparison tool

Winmerge is an amazing text comparison tool beneficial for online text comparison. It has various features in which some stand out well but all are highly useful. The features include the difference pane, plugin support, 3 files comparison at a time, conflict file resolution, text file merges, etc. It supports text formats from Unix and mac also it acts as a merging tool for new versions of windows.

5. Textcompare.org comparison tool

Textcompare.org is a quick method to compare the text online. The tool is free of cost and requires no download. This text comparison tool works on Linux, Mac, and windows, as it does not, and supports all types of documents. You have to click on choose file button to compare the images, pdf, spreadsheet, and word documents. You can easily find the points of similarities and differences in the text. All over textcompare.org is a great online tool to compare texts.

6. Active file compare text comparison tool

Active file compare is an advanced comparison tool. It has its file manager that shows the comparison results on two sides and marks the different lines with colors. It is a great tool for source code versions and for highlighting the programming languages such as Java, FoxPro, HTML, BAT files, C++, visual basic, and many others. It is designed in such a way that it finds all the differences accurately from large files to small files. Here is the feature list that you can control by using filters.

1. Editing:- After the comparison, you can edit the individual lines and files. You can easily insert the line from one file to another.
2. Comparison:- it compares the text of two files and creates the difference report as a Unix diff file or HTML. It uses an advanced algorithm to compare the files.
3. File manager:- it can be used for file filtering, moving, renaming, and deleting the files. It marks archives files as folders and it is sorted by size, extension, and name.
4. Display:- it compares files side by side and highlights the differences and syntax for Java, HTML, C#, per, C++, XML, Pascal, etc.

7. Meld text comparison tool

Meld is another popular text comparison tool. It provides free services of text comparison online. You can easily compare your text in documents and folders. You can select a comparison module and it also highlights the text so you can easily find out the changes. It provides an overview of the changes related to Conflicts, deletions, insertions, etc. You can also merge text with other files.

8. P4merge text comparison tool

P4merge is best too for text comparison. It offers free text comparison services online. You can easily compare the text by using merge and diff features. Diff feature helps you to view the text in split windows. It shows the highlighted content in grey color and you can quickly navigate the difference. You can also edit the text files. P4merge help you to compare the files quickly and easily. You can select the character encoding or comparison method.

9. TKdiff text comparison tool

TKdiff is another online text comparison tool. It’s a simple and easy-to-use tool to compare the text of two different documents. It works with TCL, plain text, and formal files and is easy to handle. Through browsing, you can pick the files that you want to compare. The differences in points are shown in blue color. TKdiff has syntax features, syncs scrollbars, and shows numbers. It allows you to edit the text and reexamine the differences. For analysis of text, a split window is a good option.

10. Diffuse text comparison tool

Diffuse is an online tool for text comparison that works well with Windows and Linux as well. It’s a simple python-based software that helps you to merge and edit files easily and immediately. You can recover files from RCS, CVS, Git, etc for comparison. A tool is a good option for Q A teams who need it for navigation purposes.

11. Adobe acrobat pro DC text comparison tool

Adobe acrobat pro DC is an amazing online text comparison tool, especially for pdf. You can easily compare multiple versions of files. It helps you to spot the differences quickly. It allows you to create files using converting the files for text recognition. You can use filters to highlight the lines in the text including images, etc.

12. Smartsynchronize text comparison tool

Smartsynchronize is another online text comparison tool that allows you to compare two files and analyze the differences. It shows the differences between the iviewslit view so that you can compare both contents. It provides you with right and left options so that you can easily make the similarities between the texts. It also provides a three-way merge feature so that you can compare and view the documents and merge the documents in one file. Later you can save the changes. The simple interface and features of this tool make it an easy text comparison tool.

13. Code compare text comparison tool

• The code compare tool is used to merge the files. You can download the tool and can manage code changes easily.

  • It shows colored blocks for modified or deleted text.
    • You can easily edit the files with the file comparison tool.
    • Lexical comparison can be done by using the languages such as javascript, XML, visual basic, C++, etc.
    • You can company the documents instantly. There are display options for the analysis of results.

Overall code compare is a comparison tool for comparing the data of various files easily. It saves you from manual trouble with its online features.

14. Ouick diff text comparison tool

Quick diff is a free and simple text comparison tool. You have to copy and paste the text for comparison. The tool can be easily accessible on Linux and make the comparison between the two texts easy. You can see the difference in mails, text, lists, etc. It’s a good text comparison tool and makes text comparison easy.

15. Diffnow text comparison tool

Diffnow is an excellent online tool for comparing the text and helps you to run text files and see the differences. It’s free software, simple, and useful to make quick checks. You get the result in an HTML report which you can easily download. It supports directories, text files, and archive formats. You can easily save the difference report with comparison options. It also offers premium membership options (monthly or annually) with features such as native plugins, advanced options, word wrap, etc.


The online text comparison tools are a great option to compare files easily and quickly. You can search online for the various text comparison tools and find out the best ones. Text comparison can be a difficult task especially when you are doing it manually but with the help of these online tools, you can easily compare the text online within minutes without much struggle.

Text comparison tools are important and beneficial for people. It provides a detailed analysis of text online within minutes without any manual work. The process of checking the text online saves a lot of time that can be utilized for other purposes. The best thing us you can find several text comparison tools online and choose the best tools for text comparison. The tools also provide the edit and download option so that you can easily edit the changes anytime and download the results for future reference.


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