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Hello Friends! This blog is specially written for Independent Faridabad escorts you guys and at the end of it, you will surely be happy to have read it. I am a businessman in his mid 50’s who has seen many ups and downs in his life both personally and professionally the one thing which remained steady in my life was my insatiable need for sex and I never tried to subdue my urge for the same. I am married with 2 grown up sons studying in college and I work as a senior manager in a large FMCG MNC. I realized my attraction to hot and sexy females during my teenage itself and had my first sexual encounter with a neighbors’ wife even before I turned 19. What started as a one afternoon of sexual passion became a full blown affair which lasted for 2 years, till my family moved to another part of the city where we lived. She taught me all the nuances of making love to a woman and needless to say that by the time I turned 21, I had become an expert in the art of seduction. Quite surprisingly and contrary to my previous experiences, I had very few girlfriends later on and sex was hardly exciting. I married when I was 28 to a girl who was my parents’ first choice. My marriage was good and sex was satisfactory to say the least, as I seriously missed the wild encounters of my early youth. Life went on and years passed but I seriously couldn’t find the sex life I craved, I had affairs out of my marriage and was even steady with a colleague’s sister, but the magic was missing all that was to change very soon, when a few months back, I received a call from a person claiming to be a representative of an Independent Faridabad Escorts agency, who wanted to meet me. He had been given my number by one of my close friends, who knew about my predicament and wanted to help me.

I spoke to the agent, who was from Tripti Goyal, one of the top agencies for Faridabad escorts agency met me at my office and explained everything about his agency and what was in the offing for me, if I chose to utilize their services. He was a pleasant looking young man, who spoke warmly and handed me a catalogue containing the portfolio of the girls working for the agency, I was literally salivating when I took a look at the portfolio as some of the hottest, juiciest and luscious females were featured there. I would have bet that even if an impotent man poured through the catalogue, he wouldn’t have been able to control his urge. There were Call girls, Independent Escorts, professional escorts and even a few Russian Escorts Faridabad who were featured in the gorgeous catalogue. I had a fetish for teenage girls; hence I chose a young and seductive female who was one of the most popular College Girls in Faridabad, working as an independent escort for the agency. She was hardly 19 but was dazzlingly beautiful, had an amazing figure and was dripping with a raw sex appeal, unique to the girls of her age.

I fixed our date for the coming weekend at a Faridabad escorts service owned by a close friend of mine, far from the city and located in idyllic surroundings. A location which was calm and silent enough for me to chill out and enjoy my session with the girl nothing would have described the ecstatic moments I enjoyed with the girl that weekend, we made love from Friday night till Sunday afternoon, after which I drove her back to her place and went home in complete satisfaction. All those years of pent up urge was released by me and the girl was more supporting than I had imagined her to be. After reaching the resort and then knocking on my door, it was hours and hours of heavenly sex for me, she massaged my entire body, spending more than enough time on my cock by giving me an awesome hand job, then taking the already erect cock in her mouth, she did magic with her tongue, by giving me an amazing blow job, then we had a hot shower in the bathroom lapping up each other’s body and after I had enough, I plunged into her banging her with rapid thrusts, while squeezing her boobs and sucking her milk. After I released my juice inside of her, we rested and continued our love play and by Sunday noon, we were totally exhausted and satisfied.

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Faridabad Model Girl

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I am in Tripti Goyal is 22 years old. My Best Girlfriend Faridabad escort agency and call & what app: 9711199171. https://www.triptigoyal.com

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