Thanks for the great roadmap. It's good even for experienced devs to see if there's any holes in their knowledge. I have only one request which is that you consider adding Svelte to the list of frameworks. It has a lot going for it and with the recent SveltKit improvements I think it will grow even more popular.

I love the idea of having a daily log. It’s helping me stay focused and working on all my many projects. I thought about doing it here, on Medium, which is a great way to gain an audience, as well as potentially a way to make some money (I’ve made 55 cents so far!)

But, I’ve heard very clearly from folks who run into the Medium paywall and cannot read the Godot tutorials I’ve written, because they’ve run out of “free” reads. This really got to me, and I’m also feeling more passionate about the “dweb” or distributed web. …

We have come a long way from where we began, learning about Godot and building a simple RSS reader using a few simple components. In Part 1 we got a simple scene to display some RSS from a remote URL. In Part 2, we took advantage of the XMLParser to build up a series of lists which allowed us to parse the RSS feed and create several views, as well as a clickable link to view the article.

Along the way, Godot itself went from being a series of betas to a final release! I am very excited about the…

In my previous tutorial, we got set up with Godot, created a simple project, and learned how to wire up some UI elements to code and then tested it out. If you haven’t already gone through that tutorial, please take a pause here and go get things set up, as I’m going to assume you’ve completed it, and that you have some code already built.

Ready to continue? Awesome! First off, let’s re-open Godot. ( Already at RC1!) You should see something like this:

Choose the project and hit “Edit”.

You might notice — if you’ve updated your Godot lately…

Public domain image from

Godot Engine is an up-and-coming 3D and 2D game engine that is free, and open source. It competes with the likes of Unity and Unreal Engine but right now — while it’s simple and easy to learn as well as fun to use — it doesn’t quite blow away folks on the graphics side of things who are used to high end tools. (That is changing rapidly with every new version!)

However, it has an extremely interesting feature in that the very UI of the application itself is a “Godot Game.” …

Not too long ago I was looking at several game engines — like GameMaker Studio, RPG Maker, Construct 2, and more. Each engine had its own strengths and weaknesses. I had thought that I had found that perfect engine — one that would be easy to develop with, one that outputs to multiple platforms, and one that is supported by a large community of developers — so you can ask questions and expect some degree of assurance that someone would answer your question.

I had tried out the Godot engine back when it was 2.x and while it seemed kinda…

Image from (

Life is like an RPG, you tell yourself. With sagas and quests and boss fights (hopefully not your work boss!) and, inevitably, NPC’s. Often when playing an RPG you find yourself raiding houses and encountering the residents within — blissfully unaware that you are robbing them of that Phoenix Down, or the bag of gold in their kitchen cabinet. As you bump into them they are only vaguely aware of your presence and will simply repeat some pithy or vague clue like “the pirates are sure active in the Crystal Cave north of the town”. Or you might run into…

One of the most significant moments in my life happened when I sat down with an early version of Mosaic (an ancient web browser) and figured out that I could edit a text file, point the browser to it, and see magic happen almost instantly.

Knowing that I could create “pages” with just a few HTML tags and later on CSS and JavaScript transformed my life, and my career. Before that, I wanted to become a Cognitive Scientist — learning how to make AI and ALife (Watch out, AI. ALife will catch the world by surprise — but more on…

Code Editor in Gamemaker Studio 2

I’ve been struggling for a while to finally break through and make a “game”. You know, something more than a tech demo, or a clone of something everyone else is making. Getting a voice: a vote in the amazing conversation that is going on with the explosion of indie games that is currently happening.

No doubt we are in a kind of Cambrian Explosion of indie games. And it’s great. Even if every person on earth had their own game out there, it would not be enough. Every game is like a mini-world. …

Writing is like etching a mark on the wall of eternity as you slide from birth to the beyond. Make your marks count, and create something that will have a lasting legacy beyond your own years. We cannot live forever, but the words we leave behind can ripple into spacetime for all eternity.

Andrew Wooldridge

Build web apps. Indie game and RPG fan. Dad and husband. Storyteller and game designer. I ♥ Javascript. eBay FrontEnd.

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