What would you give your life for?

Aug 23 · 2 min read
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Interesting question, don’t you think? Now, we can all think of the grand heroic gestures in which we throw ourselves on a grenade to save our loved ones, or run into a burning building to pull a baby from the flames. But what of the act you are committing right now?

Right now, today, you are doing something. You are working at a job and you are spending your money on something. You are living your life. What are you living it for? The easy answer is, of course, God, but are you really? You are giving your life, your finite time on this planet to something. What is it that you are giving your life for?

What do you spend your work hours doing — making money or bettering your community and your world? You may have skills as an accountant, are you mindlessly doing the numbers and counting the minutes until the work day is over or are you contributing to something bigger than yourself? Most likely you are, corporations are huge, but is it right that they should have your skills? Does the corporation you work for reflect your values, your ethics? You are using your very limited time on this earth — how are you using it?

By extension, time is money. You are earning money, which represents hours of your time, what are you spending it on? Are you spending it on frivolous treasures, the latest gizmo that is no better than the one you have? Or are you spending it on making your little part of the world a better place? Are you getting yet another handbag or are you planting a tree? Are you stocking up on the latest video games or are you buying books to teach people to read?

Time and money. Money and time. Both show how we are giving away pieces of ourselves. Ask yourself what are you giving your life for?

Peace be with you.

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