Let’s start with an introduction

I am quite a dreamer, but it pains me to admit that despite the fact that I am a crazy organized person for most of things, I have always had a big problem with bringing dreams to life, mostly because I am not patient at all, and often tried to make everything at the same time.

Them I have learned about the agile manifest and my life changed. :P
Since I have started to work with agile frameworks, I have been absorbing the agile values and applying them to other parts of my life. Now, according to my personal roadmap, it is time to release the “Back To Share” project!

Let me explain, the most important things I HAVE EVER LEARNED in life came from talking and sharing with my peers, I used to talk at conferences a lot, but eventually my life changed in a way, that everything was so new and deconstructed that I had to take a step back and figured some things out, before talking out loud again.

Deconstruction is a natural step in learning, and I just embrace it.

I started by figuring out where my life was going, and if I really wanted it to go in that direction. I took my dreams, really thought about them, adjusted some things and wrote everything down.

I found out that before taking your dreams off the paper, you need to put them there. I use a lot of tools to help me with that, and I will write about each one of them in the future.

With everything in front of me, I was able to prioritize, and it was magical! Step by step I delivered every single, little, “story” and built a solid life product.

Now it is time to start releasing my BETA, and get some feedback! o/

You can expect articles about the tools I’ve used and worked, the failures, the things I’ve learned, a lot of metaphors (I’m addicted), a fair amount of emoticons, and some grammatical errors (my natural language is Portuguese, and I’m using this to practice my English as well, go ahead and correct me, please). :)

That’s it for today, I’ll be back soon.

Leave your thoughts, let’s share! o/

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