A crucial mental switch to developing lifelong habits.

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Procrastination is not a state of rest. It is an active state of denial. It involves avoiding something you know you ought to attend to. Breaks are rejuvenating. They are supposed to provide the energy necessary to power through the next work session. Procrastination, on the other hand, is riddled with anxieties about what’s pending, doubts about one’s ability to accomplish things and never-ending internal arguments about their urgency.

As a professional procrastinator, the amount of time I have wasted feeling bad about wasting time is embarrassing.

A while back, I was reading ‘Good To Great’ by Jim Collins. His…

Why ‘too nice’ might really be a vice.

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Alexander Pope called out ‘nice guys’ back in 1731. In a poem on human nature, he wrote,

“The difference is too nice — Where ends the virtue or begins the vice.” — Epistle II.

He’s right. It’s quite reasonable to believe that ‘extremely polite’ or ‘well-mannered’ people have an agenda. Personally, I expect to be treated just as nicely from someone as I treat them. It's a self-preservatory mechanism to avoid emotional back-stabbing and trauma.

However, while something like “Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” might have value in the natural…

Techniques to reawaken your creative mojo.

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It’s hard to find a writer who hasn’t experienced the infamous writer’s block: complete paralysis of what write or how to go about it. It’s no surprise that writer’s block is more rampant than ever today; in a time characterised by relentless productivity and far too little leisure.

Why It Happens.

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With the thousands of studies detailing the benefits of a good night’s rest, its time we took our sleep seriously. However, while prioritizing the amount of sleep is important, it's equally as important to make sure to get enough restorative sleep. Here are 10 simple ways you can improve the quality of your sleep.

Drink Apple Cider Vinegar Before Bed

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)is popular for its weight-loss and detox benefits. But did you know that a tablespoon ACV in lukewarm water can induce sleepiness? …

A brief history of (and my journey with) ethical eating.

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You see it everywhere. Your vegetarian aunt is quitting dairy to manage her irritable bowel syndrome. Nut-butters are selling out quicker than regular butter. That Wholefoods employee keeps forcing you to try their coconut cacao gluten-free vegan ice-cream. Eating as advertised on the 1950’s food-pyramid has never been more unpopular and announcing that you’re an omnivore in 2019 is basically offensive. You start to wonder, “Does this vegan stuff have legitimate benefits or is everyone riding a giant placebo wave?”

Veganism has gained a lot of traction in the past 15 years. The lifestyle that rejects the use of animal…

Take charge of your mental health without draining your wallet.

Is the drudgery of exams, work-life or relationships getting to you? One of the best ways to prevent burnout is to incorporate a self-care routine that helps you unwind after a long day. Self-care doesn’t have to be about expensive facemasks, gym memberships or Netflix subscriptions. With the right sources, it can cost you nothing while improving your mood and performance. Up your game and save money with these fresh and free self-care activities.

Watch Bob Ross Paint

No, I didn’t shave my head.

The monastery I lived in. Ningbo, China.

When I heard about a Buddhism monastic-life program taking place in a Ningbo, China, I applied for a spot instantly. I told no one but my parents primarily out of the fear that I would be judged, ridiculed or misunderstood. And even then, statements from my parents included- “Are you sure this is the right decision?”, “If you’re in pain, try therapy instead?” So, before I get into this, let’s clear some things up. I wasn’t going through a quarter-life crisis. There weren’t any exes I had to forget about. And I absolutely was…

It’s not all headphones and bliss.

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If I told my 14-year-old music-obsessed self that, one day, she would make a living off of making playlists, I’d be scoffed at. My mother pretty much roared with laughter “But you worked so hard at school!” Yeah, Mom, I remember.

While this job might not look like much on a resume, it’s harder than it sounds. Yes, I did get to wear headphones for 8 hours a day. Yes, I did bliss out from time to time. And yes, I did discover great music thanks to it. But could anybody do it? No.

The startup I worked for is…

A letter to my toxic obsession with finding permanent happiness.

Dear Happily-Ever-After,

The first time I doubted your sincerity was when I failed to find you in my partner. Looking for you in love was more complicated than I was told it would be. I started wondering- did Cinderella question the fundamentals of her relationship with ‘Charming’ as often as I?

Then, when I tried to look for you in possible careers, these things called “my fears” suddenly cropped up. These kinds of fears -those of the unknowable- are new additions to my psychological machinery. They’re by-products of my transition…

Trisha Malhotra

Likes storytelling, and skincare. Occasionally posts self-help blubber on Medium. IG: @theskinbabyy

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