From Rome to Paris

I took a plane to Paris 
But I landed in Venice
Is this the same as before?
Because I don't wanna dwell in the same galore

I want something different
Away from my life of deterrent
I wanna leave Rome
And build my own home

Not a home where a family lives
But a heart that forgives
Where chains are broken 
Where lives are begotten

Somewhere where escaping isn't a crime
Not in a robotic world of mime
I wanna take a risk I'll never regret
And that would let me forget

The box where I want to leave
Is dragging me back in a smaller oblique
How could this be?
Did I board the wrong plane to flee?

Please take me away! 
Not in Venice, out of day
Distance from the sunlight
Because I long for a longer night

The plane landed in Vegas
Could this be my Paris? At last! 
Whatever this place could be,
 I finally know I'm free

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