Blogging Challenge — Day 17

Posts That Make Me Proud

Photo by Cris DiNoto on Unsplash

So in this post I am shamelessly going to promote my previous posts. Please don’t judge. Some posts really made me happy and if they made you think and wonder too, then of course it makes me feel good about myself.

And if you haven’t read them, please check them out and let me know what you think!

Post 1

Dear Cheesecake was written when I was feeling sad. It came from the heart. Food is not everything but then there are some dishes that you simply cannot forget. This post is a dedication to not that cheesecake but what it made me feel. I am still looking for the chef who made it.

Post 2

The Name of The Wind series is one of the best series that I have ever read. It is so poetic, beautiful and simply incredible. This post, which is my longest post ever, was written after I read the first two parts of this amazing series. My writing is not even 0.1% of Patrick Rothfuss’s, who is the author of this series. If I become half as good as him, I will be a Medium millionaire.

Post 3

Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid. But do it. This post was written after I went through an experience that I will never forget. After coming out of it, I felt like I changed a little. I am a little less timid, a little more bold. I won’t say I transformed. But it did bring about a slight change which was much needed. I am grateful for this experience.

Post 4

Regrets are slow poison, this was one of my thoughtful posts I believe. It was more like a message to myself and help me move ahead. Writing it publicly made it more real and easier. Also, it is one of those posts that got pretty good number of views and responses.

Post 5

Do Soulmates Exist? One of my other most read post. I realized, just how important it is to research and write on Medium. It wasn’t planned but happened quite naturally. I learned long form of quality content is indeed appreciated here. And I hope to do more of it. This post accidentally happened after I read a book and shared my thoughts on it. But it was a good lesson.



So I have written a lot of posts this year and each post taught me a lot about myself. This Blogging Challenge, specially is becoming a lesson in itself. It is not only teaching me a lot about writing, but also time management. Let us see how it goes. We are halfway through this challenge and now it is getting difficult to write about something new everyday. After all, I am no Kris Gage. And I don’t want to be her either. But boy she is amazing. And I will be too (I hope!) in my own different way.

Let’s keep going!

Thank You for reading! You guys are the best.


Edit on 14/08/2018: Kris Gage herself clapped and commented here! This is UNBELIEVABLE!