6 Steps to learn a Machine Learning Algorithm

A generalised step by step guide to learn machine learning algorithms.

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Step 1: Get an Overview of the Algorithm

Understand the machine learning algorithm without going into much detail.It involves studying all the steps done by the algorithm briefly. You should also get a geometric intuition of the algorithm.

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Step 2 : Understand the Maths behind the Algorithm

Now it’s time to take a deep dive into the maths behind the algorithm and those who are planning to skip it please don’t skip it. In my opinion learning machine learning without maths is like trying to run from John Wick(it’s not f**king possible).

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Step 3: Learn the assumptions of the algorithms.

Understanding the assumptions of the algorithms will help you to decide which algorithms to use and will also help you to prepare your data according to the needs of a particular algorithm.

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Step 4: Know the advantages and disadvantages of an algorithm

The knowledge of advantages and disadvantages of an algorithm helps you to decide the correct algorithms for your purpose.

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Step 5: Implement the algorithm from scratch

It is one of the most underrated method to understand machine learning algorithms. If you implement an algorithm from scratch you will get a first hand experience of its advantages and disadvantages.

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Step 6: Practice Practice Practice

Practice your algorithms on different datasets and take part in machine learning contests.

“Practice makes a man perfect”

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