The Zen of Ice Cold Showers
Piotr Prosol

Who woulda thunk I could be practicing Zen when my water heater went out several weeks ago? It did take a while, I did jump back… letting the water hit only a few places on my body before I moved back. I should have been concentrating more, mediating more, but all I could think of was, “Gee I hope the plumber can get here tomorrow, before my next shower!”

By the time I finally rinsed my hair, my body was becoming accustomed to the cold water, well water cold, not tap from the city water supply! Not sure if there is a difference, not sure I would like to try a cold, city tap water shower. I am just so very appreciative of plumbers and their ability to replace my water heater within 12 hours of calling in the service call!

I do admire our ancient ancestors and all they went through, without knowing anything more than they had at the time! They were much stronger, resilient people than we are today! We have become spoiled to the day to day “luxuries” most people take for granted.

Good article!

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