The One Piece of Writing Every Hillary Supporter Should Read
Memo Salazar

“How many times can you sleep with the enemy before you’re indistinguishable from the enemy?… You cannot deny that Wall Street loves her, or that Goldman Sachs- the same company that got caught masterminding the biggest financial scam we’ve had in 80 years- has wooed Hillary with the vigor of a rich high school boyfriend… For many of us, Hillary’s lifelong affair with the exact people who are trying to rob America blind is no mere coincidence- it’s a fact too gigantic to ignore or argue away.”

Are you aware of how incredibly sexist and slut-shamey the language and analogies you are using here? If Hillary were Harold, you would never have chosen this language. I’m guessing you didn’t see much of a problem with a Bernie Sanders surrogate calling Hillary a whore?

This paragraph is almost as sexist as, your sentence, “Instead, I fear that a Hillary victory will actually set feminism back several decades- for once her tenure is over, too many frustrated people will unfairly say “a woman president? Never again.”

Do you consider females to be a separate species or are they actual human beings? What would you think of a statement that replaced “a woman president? Never again.” with “a black president?” Never again.” I think that this statement would be deep-south-confederate-flag-waving level of racist.

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