Trish Booth

I see your struggle

The price you have to pay.

You have to juggle

Every single day.

Balance opposing forces

You can’t help. They’re just there

And the hidden source

Of internal pain is so unfair.

We spoke about netsuke

At least a year ago

And today you told me

You remember; that you know

I love netsuke. That comment

I made stayed with you.

I thought about what it meant.

It seems to me to prove

That you always listen to me

And remember the things I say

Do you know how rare that can be?

I love netsuke and hope that it’s okay,

If I believe that you -

You are my netsuke.



Cherry Tree

I woke up too early , it’s five in the morning

I look out of my window at a cherry tree

Luminous blossoms glow in the new day’s dawning

Against a pale blue sky, and I see

Branches sway in the wind, dancing

Like a ballerina in a lacy tutu

Everything fluttering and shaking

Frothy pink feminine frou-frou.

Leaning out of my window

I breathe in the chill air.

Gazing at cherry blossoms, I grow

Quiet and peaceful as a prayer.




No. No. No.

I reject your rejection

Do you really not know

I can see through your projection?

Every word I say

Every sentence I have written

Has been another way

To court your derision.

But other people enjoy

Even flock to my fire

They don’t feel annoyed

Don’t even require

Some fantastic standard

Unobtainable result

But justifiably angered

I find that I exult

In a validation you don’t share

But of course, you don’t care.

It doesn’t matter my dear

My way now is clear.

Focus on the positive.

Ditch the negative.

The future is bright.



Trish Booth

Trish Booth

Poet, occasional writer, cat lover, wife. Concerned mainly with issues like language, justice, discrimination, animal welfare and climate change.