Reflection: Honor Thy Father

Honor Thy Father is a crime, drama and thriller film directed by Erik Matti and is casted by John Lloyd Cruz (Edgar) and Meryll Soriano (Kaye). The story revolved around a couple who faced a financial problem because of some scam they invested on. This problem lead to so many drastic events. From watching this film, I have learned the value of sacrificing anything for the sake of your family. In this film, Edgar (John Lloyd Cruz) made huge sacrifices to keep his wife and daughter safe from those who want them to be harmed. Another lesson I have learned is that when no one else is there, your family will always be there for you. In the movie, Edgar went back to his family to seek for help. Although he wasn’t there for quite some time, his family is willing to help him to full extent. All in all, this film is worth the watch. The dedication of the directors and the casts is seen throughout the movie. You can also learn a lot of values from the film.

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