Lauren Modery

Think of all the money you save. You don’t go out and buy useless things you do not need. You don’t have an over abundance of clothes that are not worn. You have one pair of dress shoes, walking shoes, and casual shoes. You don’t have hoards of useless cooking utensils, pots, pans, and storage containers. House cleaning is a snap. You can opt for a Murphy’s bed and use the loft for storage. The shelf on the Murphy’s bed can have sliding doors to hold books in place. The underside of the tables and couch can have built in dresser space. The kitchen table can fold out from the wall, and you can also build it so that bench seats fold out. The television can mount on the wall, and satellite can bring you internet and cable if needed. Shitty neighbors no problem. You can relocate anywhere you want and eventually see this great country all from the comfort of your own home. No yard work-yeah! If you are a Feng Shui fan this place is perfect and you have plenty of it. Most are solar powered so you do not rely on the grid. That saves money too. So you work or retire and keep more of your own money. I’d say that is a great trade -off anytime. Less space, less junk, less wasteful spending, evacuation isn’t a problem, less time spent cleaning, less taxes, more time for yourself, and plenty of money to do what you want and retire comfortably. I would say it is a win win all the way around. Tiny houses are a prime example of sustainable living.

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