How does a Divorce Mediator Settle Divorce Issues in a Marriage?

They say, “Marriages are made in heaven”. It takes a lot to find the right person. So, why give up easily when you find them? Don’t do it especially, if you can find alternative ways. Divorce mediation helps you find alternative ways to save your marriage. In this process, both the parties sit with a third party, the mediator, to discuss their personal issues, who in return helps them find multiple solutions at both their interests

In a divorce, there are many issues to be resolved by a couple. The major ones include distribution of property, custody of the child, child support, retirement, and so on. Sometimes, settlements come easy but when it becomes difficult and leads nowhere, a mediator steps in.

How does divorce mediation work?
In the beginning, the mediator explains that he will not impose his views or decisions. The couple will be free to decide based on the options given to them. He will brief you about the confidentiality, process of mediation, and other necessary details.

It is a flexible process which gives you complete freedom to think freely and act together as parents to resolve the issues between you and the spouse. This is extremely important if you have kids.
Most of the marriages end because of lack of communication between the couples. Mediation gives you the platform to discuss your communicate, if only for the sake of the child, or settle the divorce in some other way that works in the best interest of both the spouses. The mediator just assists the couple in finding what works for them.

Duration and Costs of Mediation
In comparison to litigation, mediation resolves a case in few days or weeks. It depends on the seriousness of the issue. If the couple agrees to narrow down the solutions to few workable ones, the issue can be resolved even faster. Here the mediator takes the responsibility to keep the process organized and help the couple focus on workable solutions.

A divorce mediator keeps the case out of the formal setup of a court. He keeps it confidential and no records of the sessions are also kept. If you feel, quitting a marriage is difficult, you can ask a mediator for help.
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