So, while this is a slight detour, I’m on the hunt for a new doctor, because I want to be healthy.
P.S. You’re Fat
Y’assssssss Al Ghul

That is the shit right there! Usually I’m like “whoo doctors! tell me what is up!” But that is now, when I have a sensitive and hilarious lady doctor who gets me and understands that I’m not a hypochondriac I just like to know if something is worrisome. Doctors I’ve had before, mainly men but not always, are more like rude servers just trying to get you in and out that door. Fuck that. Like you said, no HoHo’s here, asshat, real dolla dolla bills. So you take me seriously and stop telling me IF I’D JUST. And that weight shit is too much. I’m perfectly within my healthy range bmi and other whatever shit and they always give me an eye like “well you could lose-” No. Fuck you. I’m curvy and beautiful and I work out very little but I walk and stuff and it’s enough! Doctors and nurses need to stop destroying people’s self esteem on weight. We’ll never drop any pounds if we can’t even will ourselves to get out of bed. *grumble grumble*

Anyway. You’re amazing and beautiful, and will continue to work hard and kick ass and return, you’ll find a doctor who listens and respects you not because you’ve worked hard but because you’re a human. And they took an oath to help us humans bumble along, lest they forget it.

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